CHAUTARA gallery space: May 2006 to June 2013


For the first 2 1/2 years CHAUTARA art gallery resided at Edvard Munchweg on the beautiful premises of architect Jos Abbo. After 8 on-site expositions and participation in large events such as "Himalaya Film Festival" in Amsterdam, "German Nepal Day" in Bonn (two years in a row), "Dutch Nepal Day" in Amstelveen, TibetWekenAlmere (co-organizer), "kunstroute Almere" and "Almere kunstmarkt 2008" the gallery space closed at this address in September of 2008.


The serious illness of owner/curator Beata Wiggen (breastcancer in 2007) required a  retreat to a home-office from which art consulting and sales continued on a somewhat smaller scale during a period of 2 years. Efforts were made to organize exhibitions in public spaces, such as the 3-month exhibition in the new wing of the local hospital in Almere.


From May 2009 to June 2013 the gallery operated out of SOUL ESSENTIALS / ZINMERE center for yoga-training-coaching, where a great number of artworks can still be enjoyed to this day. Please arrange a visit.


CHAUTARA does not operate as a physical gallery anymore, only as this web-presence including the webshop. We have shifted our activities to comprehensive blogging about modern art and modern life of Nepal via where we would be happy to welcome you!