Bikrant Man Shrestha

C.V. - Bikrant Man Shrestha

Bikrant Man Shrestha (1983, Kathmandu) belongs to the talented, gifted thus lucky generation in Nepal that creates and constitutes the country’s modern art.

“Specific” and “unique” – these are the two words that come to mind when describing and summarizing Bikrant’s art. This is a young artist, but one who gives new dynamism to abstract painting.

His imagery suggests different impressions including rage, desperation, glamour, and sensuality – combining human emotions with movement are the most essential elements of his themes. And all this presented in the midst of playing with lights and colour.

Some of his compositions express the unity of nature and the spirituality of mankind, while others do not neglect decent eroticism in an enthralling manner. It is indeed a privilege to know this young artist and to enjoy his works.

Ferenc Weigl, First Secretary Europen Union

Delegation of the European Commission to Nepal