Binod Pradhan

born 1973, Kathmandu

B.A. Fine Arts Campus, Kathmandu

Binod Pradhan is a dynamic member of the Kasthamandap Artists Group. Like his colleagues, he is inspired by the culture of the Kathmandu Valley. His paintings depict a strangely unpeopled urban landscape where temples straddle the canvas. The few figures in these works have the heaviness of a monument and are used only in passing, as a point of reference. Though the temples in Pradhan's paintings emit a multi-hued cadence around them, there is a palpable silence or solitude in some of his canvasses which is surreal. The artist uses sharp black lines that sweep across the canvas to break with the mundane conventional landscape. Vibrant colours are offset against each other along these black lines to reveal yet another architectural vista or detail.

In his new work, we witness a transition. From and dimension have been carefully planned. His stupas and temples have width and girdth. A winding alley provides a perspective that was absent in his earlier work. Gone are the black lines that cut and sweep across the canvas and the riotous profusion of colors. Instead spatial planning, the novel use of symbols and the juxtaposition of separate architectural vistas and textures provide a faux-collage effect which is very interesting.

(excerpted from Sangeeta Thapa, SIDDHARTHA GALLERY, Kathmandu)

"I am fascinated by the two faces; the external face and the internal face. I want to create the relationship between the inner soul and the outer soul," says Binod Pradhan from Nepal. He believes that the changing of every persons innermost self depends upon their own reality - the face, where they could find and delve into their own soul and body.


40,5 x 60,5 cm / Euro 280 ........................... 40,5 x 60,5 cm / Euro 320