Bidhata K.C.

Born on 29th of May 1978 in Lalitpur, Nepal.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Lalit Kala Campus, Tribhuvan University Kathmandu.

Fellowship: Asian Artist Fellowship Program 2006-2007, Korea.

Member: Artists’ Society and Women Artist’ Group of Nepal (WAGON).


The theme of my present series is 'Leaf is a Life'. It is because it occurs to me that we all live within the nature and we admire its pristine beauty.

And we also often observe in nature how a leaf suddenly appears, grows, gives us a sense of joy and beauty, and suddenly perishes and vanishes for good – just like a human life.

What a striking similarity and a strange interrelationship between a human life and a leaf!

Yet the fact remains mostly unnoticed and ignored. But this natural phenomenon gave me a strange stimulus and inspired me to create a whole series in this theme. I discovered a true meaning of life in a leaf. To me, a leaf is the symbolic embodiment of life and – thus the very essence of my works in this series.