Chirag Bangdel

Born  1971 in Kathmandu

Chirag Bangdel is a writer, painter and a poet. He is the author of "But to Dream" (published 1997) and "After Midnight" (published 2000). Chirag has contributed for a wide variety of magazines, papers and journals.  He loves writing humor, healthy sarcasm and critical essays.

Chirag Bangdel grew a love for literature and art while in school in Darjeeling, India. His first few drawings and paintings were produced then. Growing up with the highly acclaimed artist Lain S. Bangdel as his granduncle  also influenced him immensely.

After more than a decade of serious painting, Chirag has been focussing on figurative paintings in the last years. His paintings always manage to carry an oriental essence either in colours or forms. His  work on lokta paper, the  strongly textured handmade paper of Nepal, is much more  subdued, using gold and little colour and dealing extensively with Buddhist elements and symbolism.

Chirag Bangdel has had a number of solo exhibits, amongst which:

- "Figures in Hues" (1999, Hotel De L'Annapurna, Kathmandu),
- "Figures and Compositions" (2000,Radisson Hotel, Kathmandu),
- "Abstracts and Figures" (2001,Radisson Hotel, Kathmandu)
- "The Female Form"(2006, World Bank Offices, Kathmandu).

Chirag has enjoyed favourable reviews in almost all the major papers in Nepal, the radio and on television. Art collectors in the country and abroad, including Canada, Russia, India, Japan, Holland and the Caribbean Islands have acquired his works.

Chirag also produces and anchors radio and television shows and writes poetry.

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