Pramila Bajracharya

born 1972, Kathmandu

B.A. Fine Arts Campus, Kathmandu

Pramilas abstract city- and landscapes are unconventional expressionistic works. Rows of houses or traditional dwellings are broken down into dozens of tiny pieces. Blemishes of color appear as a metropolis of color segments. Her colors are dazzling. Contrast and vivid colors converse with each other. She normally uses five brilliant colors: red, yellow, blue, green, and white. Radiant yellowish skies and stunning red both radiate an abstract emotional impression with luminous white making a distinction between the color fragments. Red patches often appear without notice, providing visual excitement.

Her works reveal a mixed message: sometimes as a static substance, but with a certain rhythm to it, then again there seems to be a state of chaos as if visible structures are dissolved into exciting forms. With her bold brushstroke she has not only created landscapes but also some figurative paintings. Here we see the inner mourning of women, a cry of suppression or anguish, and the simple life of women.

Pramila graduated in 1995. Her admission to the Fine Arts Campus was a coincidence. While she was studying for a diploma in commerce she happened to make contact with the art world. Beginning with sketches, drawings, and life studies she ended up with the vibrant colors and deft strokes she uses today.

(excepted from Mukesh Malla, art critic, Kathmandu)


45 x 53 cm / Euro 280 ................................. 35 x 67 cm / Euro 280