Pradeep Bajracharya

born 1971, Kathmandu

B.A. Fine Arts Campus, Kathmandu

Pradeep (or Pradip) Bajracharya is instantly recognizable through his work. His theme of festivals and culture of the Newar population of Nepal continues to evolve with each new exhibition. His work imparts a proud reflectgion of all the colourful energy and dynamism associated with the Newars and their celebrations. In his latest works, vibrant and uplifting colors, set against a dark backdrop give a feeling of power and austerity. The use of sharp rapier-like brushes also adds dramatic excitedment and movement.

Festivals are means of expression within the diverse communities of the Kathmandu Valley and as a gifted artist Pradeep is able to capture this by transfixing this colourful form for everyone’s enjoyment.

(Deneth Plumaskshi, BUDDHA GALLERY, Kathmandu)


37,5 x 45 cm / Euro 250 ............................ 45 x 37,5 / Euro 250