Sunila Bajrachariya

born 1973, Kathmandu

B.A. Fine Arts Campus, Kathmandu

Many try to capture the essence of women on canvas. But how does one distil the female complexities into lines, colors, and shapes?

Sunila Bajracharya seeks answers to these questions in her paintings. Her depictions of women go beyond the typical representations and stereotypes. She renders them with definite brushstrokes and bold colors. Their faces and bodie strongly dominate the canvas, with the features highly stylized, almost icon-like.

In her newer works Sunila draws from the wells of Expressionism and Art Nouveau. She reworks these historical tendencies into the contemporary, repositioning her figures and giving them a new perspective. Unlike her earlier pieces where the focus lay simply on the juxtaposition of broad planes of color and strong lines, now there is more attention to detail, evidenced by the fine etchings and markings on the women's bodies and surfaces. Her use of ochre and other similar hues gives them warmth, a touch of earthiness and vitality. Sunila's work is constantly evolving, showing the many different facets of women and the diverse possibilities of painting.

(excerpted from Ringo, Lazimpat Gallery, Kathmandu)


53 x 63,5 cm / Euro 420 ............................ 53 x 63,5 cm / Euro 420